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Massyve kit version 2.2 provides a small, easy, and interactive tool for the fast development of simple applications of multiagent systems. It is essentially oriented towards the education and training activities, although in principle it can also be used to develop non-sophisticated multiagent systems for various application domains.

In general, Massyve kit version 2.2 allows the user to configure some system options, to design reference architectures and to derive particular systems based on them via graphical editors, and to completely manage the agents life cycle. Once the agents are launched, they can send/receive messages to/from each other (via TCP/IP) using a free of context communication protocol.

In version 2.2 of kit, the agents can run on distributed machines. Besides that, some features allows the user to simulate the notion of mobile agents. The agents are represented as objects. The user can create a particular multiagent system application by means of making modifications in the "default agent class" (altering, deleting and adding new attributes and/or methods), which only offers the basic services. Therefore, the domain and the agents’ knowledge specification, as well as the control flow between them (including the definition of a specific high-level coordination protocol) all depends on the specific definitions in the user programming.

Massyve kit version 2.2 was developed for PC / Windows’95 98 NT / C++ platform.

Massyve Kit version 2.2 enhances version 2.1 in terms
of some configuration capabilities. Some small bugs
were fixed as well.


This program is not shareware. It is available free of charge to non-commercial home users, students and faculty of educational or training institutions, without making any profit with it.

All others must contact the developers to get a registered copy.

[Download Kit]

Please notice that you can also download the user manual for the Massyve Kit in order to have the instructions on how to install the kit software in your PC.


André Jacomino & Mauricio de A. Ramos

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